News Media: Cover the Global Unity Story

In the wake of the horrific attacks of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, the world faces a choice: allow this tragedy to start a downward spiral into a world of violence and despair, or set our sights higher, toward a new era of global unity. U.S. news media will play a critical historic role in framing the conversation. Let's ask them to rise above the ashes of "Tuesday 911" and help evoke the best of the human spirit.

This letter will go to hundreds of news reporters, commentators, and editors throughout the country.

Rather than using our sample text, we encourage you to write your own letter. One way to make an impact: Provide specific Web links or texts and sources of articles that would be credible and persuasive to mainstream news personnel.

Please write courteously, because the last thing we want to do is promote a backlash against our ideas. Besides, if we seek to promote compassionate outreach and unity of spirit, we must exemplify that spirit ourselves: As M.K. Gandhi said, "The means are the ends in the making."

(Because of the critical nature of this campaign, we are screening these letters, and we reserve the right not to forward letters we consider unhelpful.)

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