Coding the Web Site

Progressive Portal was initially designed and created by a single semi-amateur Web developer.

We can use volunteer help with every aspect of site development. We use HTML and JavaScript to create most pages, and Perl for some particular functions (e.g., generating the text for Letter Writing, which is different every time a user loads a letter page. We need to develop a database system behind-the-scenes that will allow users to register with the site and log in to preserve their individual user options, while maintaining maximum security.

We need users familiar with Unix who can help us edit the .htaccess files and other functions, for example to point to our own custom Page-Not-Found page instead of our ISP's default.

We also can use help examining our existing Web pages and scripts, to make them more efficient, more bulletproof, and more compatible with a wide range of browsers and platforms.

Volunteers must be very accurate and capable programmers who are able to place a high priority on simplicity, bug-free operation, and ease-of-use.