Web Site Design

Progressive Portal was initially designed and created by a single semi-amateur Web developer.

A skilled professional designer will immediately see ways we can make the site more professional looking, easier to navigate, and more pleasing to the eye.

Even if you have just a small amount of time available, we need your help with creating small, fast-downloading GIF-format graphics such as new buttons and tabs.

Volunteers must share our commitment to ease-of-use, fast download time, simplicity. While we use a small amount of GIF animation, we avoid fancy functions that require large down-loads or browser plug-ins, unless they add important functionality, and we providce automatic alternatives for users who don't have the plug-ins. We are also committed to seamless cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, including with older browsers.

If you are a visual genius who follows through and meets deadlines, and would like to build your portfolio by contributing to this site, welcome!