Focus Groups
San Francisco Bay Area

We are conducting a series of dinner conversations with people who are not as active as they would like to be on progressive social causes. Our goals are to learn how we can make it easier for people to get more involved, both through the Progressive Portal Web site and by other means.

If you would describe yourself that way, or you can suggest people who are, we would like to invite you to dinner in the San Francisco Bay Area! We'll provide a simple vegetarian meal, over which we'll have some informal conversation.

We also are seeking volunteers to host these dinners. Ideally, you can provide the site (e.g., in your home), and you can invite people you know who fit the description (i.e., are not as activist as they'd like to be, for whatever reasons). Hosts also provide the meal -- a low-cost dinner for six to eight people. We can help with cooking.

This will be a fun opportunity to get together with other progressives for interesting conversation!