Progressive Portal has almost no financial backing, though a few individuals have sent small contributions.

We need help with a range of fundraising strategies. We hope we can: (1) minimize the cost to users, keeping the essential functions free; (2) minimize the cost to participating activist organizations (we'd prefer to raise money and channel some of it to them, rather than have them pay for our services); and (3) develop a range of income-producing functions that will sustain the site over the long term.

Some of the strategies we'd like to pursue require volunteers experienced at raising money, in non-profit or for-profit venues; others can be carried out by volunteers whose main qualification is that they are good communicators.

Note: Since we practice advocacy, we do not anticipate getting 501(c)(3) tax-deductible status for all of our work, so traditional foundation support won't be entirely open to us. It may be possible to split off some of the educational, non-political aspects of our work if significant tax-deductible support becomes available.