Online Publicity

Progressive Portal doesn't have a huge advertising budget. In fact, we have hardly any advertising budget.

We will depend primarily on volunteer help registering us with Web search engines, posting announcements on relevant newsgroups, and writing to managers of other Web sites asking them to provide links to us.

We can help develop initial text for these announcements. Volunteers will need to be adept at online searching, and at finding, understanding (not always easy!), and following search engines' submission instructions. You will need to keep track of where and when you have submitted us. There will be some need for diplomacy in communicating with managers of other Web sites (especially when we want them to link to us, but it may not be appropriate for us to provide a link to their sites).

This task is ideal for someone with small amounts of time available on an odd or unpredictable schedule. (Of course, we're also happy to have someone with large amounts of time on a regular schedule!)