Progressive Portal provides opportunities for effective, easy grassroots activism on a range of progressive issues. It is designed to remove the obstacles to increased activism that many busy people face, without compromising impact.

Progressive Portal is independent -- not part of any particular organization, party, or grouping -- although specific campaigns are often conducted in conjunction with leading grassroots organizations. The site is supported by users through donations and Day Sponsor monthly pledges.

Progressive Portal became active on May 15, 2001.

Who We Are

Progressive Portal is made possible by a growing cadre of volunteers.
We couldn't have done it without the magnificent people listed below!

Within each section, names are in first-name alphabetical order.

Note: While the people listed have been immensely helpful, I have not always followed their advice.
lame the Webweaver for any problems with the final product.

Join Our Team


Individuals who have provided financial support to help make Progressive Portal possible
Also see our Day Sponsors page

Alan Smith  Larry Wartel
Anonymous (numerous donors)  Lauryn Taylor
Ayn Lowry Lee Frank
Ari Schnitzer Linda Patterson
Barbara Browne Lisa Kienholz
Barbara Dane and Irwin Silber Malcolm Gordon
Barbara Whipperman Marcy Rubic
Beau Takahara Marie T. Panec
Burnis (Gene) Tuck Mark Sherman
Caryn Turrieta Merry Tucker
Chuck Scurich  Nora Freeman
Denise D'Anne Marcello Aurelio Lanfranchi
Eleanor Haydak Peter Baldwin
Elise Johnson Philip H. Coe
Fern Libow Raymond Meyer
Frances Kandl Robert H. Morris
Francesca Rosa Robert Stein
Helene Kendler  Sara Pyle
herb schulsinger Sara Aboulhosn
Herb Susmann Seth Sandronsky
Hermosa Beach Stop Oil Seth Schneider
Howard Takiff Sharon H. Brown
Jarad M. Plesser Shirley Wolfe
Joan Nikelsky Sherna Gluck
Jill Winegardner Steven and Mary Hewlett
Joe Harris Sula Casey
Joel Norvell Susan Swift
Jon Seeley Susan G. Wooldridge
John Morrison, Pres., SEIU Local 707 Thomas Hamilton
Karl Hanzel Todd Walker
Kat Duff  Toni Novak
Kit Dreyfuss  
Site Testers
These are people who have helped try out site elements to make sure they work properly
Al Loewy Mike Shelton
Brent Emerson -- Electric Embers Paul Rhinehart
Carol David Riki Berlin
Dan Weeks Tani Spielberg
Debra Chaplan Trena Cleland
Marcy Rubic  
People who have gathered background information, Web sites addresses, and names/emails/faxes of letter recipients
Andrea Johnson  Natalie Davis
Carl W. Schwarcz Nora Freeman
Catherine Komp Pam Cooke
DanaRhea Elliott Phyllis Levine
Don Ogden Randy Littlejohn
Don Pilgrim Stephanie Miranda
John Erhart Tom Miller
Michele Anna Jordan  
Volunteer authors of letters in the letter-writing section of the site, and other content
Carlota of Estacion Libre Michael Sullivan
John of Estacion Libre Sharonann Lynch
Marie Major-Monahan Thomas Hamilton
Information Technologists
People who've helped develop, maintain, or enhance the technology that keeps Progressive Portal humming
Al Loewy H. Benjamin Scharp III
Brent Emerson  VSE Link Tester / Axandra (Web Link testing)
Graphic Artists / Design Consultants
Advisers on the look-and-feel of the site, and creators of the graphics
Steven Poe
Web Sites and organizations with which we have business-affiliate relationships Independent Book Sellers Honor System (credit-card donations)
  PayPal (online purchases/sponsorship pledges)
Special Support
Volunteers performing special duties for Progressive Portal, online and off-.
Adam Rubic José M. Santos
Betsy Karin Dalichow
Billye Nipper Kevin Elliott
Cissy Segal Madeleine Fletcher
Geraldine Flaharty Natalie Davis
Ilinisa Hendrickson Stephanie Miranda  
Conceptual Consultants
People who helped develop the ideas behind the site
Andy David Rebecca Falk
Debra Chaplan  

Steve Freedkin



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