Progressive Portal Privacy Policy
Updated 7 April 2010

Information that identifies you may be shared as follows:

When you enter your identifying information on a letter-writing page, it is stored on the computer you are using. A copy of your letter is sent to us, including your identifying information; we may store those letters in files designed to be inaccessible by anyone but us.

We may occasionally send an informative message to users who have provided their email addresses to this site (e.g., to alert you when a new letter-writing campaign has been started). We recognize that our users don't want quantities of unsolicited mail, so we will be extremely judicious about this. You may opt out of any such mailings by writing to [change "-AT-" to "@"]. Also, if you un-check the permissions box at the bottom of any letter-writing page before clicking "SEND LETTER!" you will be removed from our lists.

Security: We maintain extensive security throughout our operations. For payments, you'll be asked for account information only on pages that encrypt (scramble) the information before transmission. We maintain very strong security against computer infections, including multiple anti-virus screens updated daily and other measures. Our Web servers have extensive security and power back-up.

Advertising: Third party vendors, including Google and Facebook, show our ads on their sites and others on the Internet. They use cookies (small pieces of text stored on your computer) to serve ads based on your prior visits to our site. You may opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page.

Please send any questions or comments to [change "-AT-" to "@"].