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rally 7/24/99
Approximately 200 people from Sonoma County rally along with labor leaders in front of KPFA, Saturday, July 24, 1999. CLICK for more information and larger image.
Photo: Steve Freedkin
Help Save Free Speech Community Radio

* Local activists arrested, locks changed, personnel fired, armed guards installed at Pacifica's New York station in late 2000. Problems resolved after community control restored to Pacifica national governing board.

SAVE DEMOCRACY NOW! [RESOLVED]* Amy Goodman and her award-winning news show threatened by Pacifica management. Issues resolved after community control restored to Pacifica.
SAVE KFCF* KPFA's partner station in Fresno fends off anti-democratic forces trying to undo their ouster from the station's board
Berry, Chadwick Quit: News release* from Media Alliance.
Photos from 1/27 meeting of Dennis Bernstein's "25-25 Club"
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Pacifica's federal IRS returns, with analysis: 1995-96 is now online; 1996-97 and 1997-98 are coming soon. Click HERE.
Earlier years on RadioForAll site:  1994-95; 93-94; 92-93; 91-92

Progressive, free speech radio is under siege. The chair of Pacifica Foundation has threatened to close and sell "its" flagship station, KPFA, which has broadcast progressive news and analysis for 50 years. Please keep up with news of the crisis and participate in efforts underway to take back KPFA, as reported at the Web sites listed below, among others:

* Analysis by Belinda Griswold, Media Alliance
* My correspondence with Pacifica's now-FORMER PR firm
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