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Progressive Portal is a group effort.
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1   NEW: Translate e-mail we receive in languages other than English       (Your languages: )

2   Forward Save-the-Dugong letters to government officials (copy-and-paste)  info

3   Research and write letters for the Letter-Writing area   info

4   Search for and review progressive web sites for the Links area   info

5   Find and assemble activist quotations for a "quotation-of-the-day" feature   info

6   Conduct other research (we provide instructions)   info

7   Help answer users' e-mail messages   info

8    Assist with coding the site in:      HTML;       Perl;       JavaScript   info

9   Graphic design and production for the site   info

10 Registering the site with search engines, and other online p.r.   info

11 Offline publicity/public relations (news media, etc.)   info

12 Fundraising   info

13  Activism Focus Groups (San Francisco Bay Area):        Organize    Host    Attend Only    info

14 Other -- write in:

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